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Packed Lunch Ideas For Kids!

Hello and welcome to my packed lunch ideas for kids blog, As a dad of three school children (Megan aged 13, Bethany 9 and Cai aged 6) I am forever on the hunt for imaginative and inspiring packed lunch ideas for them to take to school. Megan is very adventurous and will try absolutely anything whereas Cai my son  is extremely fussy and very often won’t touch bread, anything green or anything that looks remotely healthy! If I gave him a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar for his lunch every day he’d be a very happy little boy!

Therefore I know what it’s like to try to cater for three different tastes and I’ve had my fair share of disappointments when the lunch box comes back full, and triumphs when they all declare that their packed lunch was the best they’ve ever had! It’s tough to provide them with healthy, nutritious lunches that they won’t turn their noses up at but the very fact that we make packed lunches for our children shows that we care what our children eat, therefore it goes without saying that each one of my recipes is as healthy as I can make it.

Over the 6 years that I’ve been providing packed lunches for my kids, I’ve sourced recipes from books, the internet and amongst other mums and dads and thrown things together myself. I now aim to collate all my packed lunch recipes together in one place to make life a little easier for other mums and dads who seem to spend half their lives making lunches and meals for their family! My packed lunch ideas are meant to be fun and interesting and to give you a little inspiration on those days when you can’t bear to make yet another cheese sarnie for them! I want this site to be as realistic and down to earth as possible, so all of my ingredients can be found at most major supermarkets and won’t involve a trip to a specialist delhi in search of some rare and exotic fruit. That’s also why all my photographs are taken by myself of the packed lunches I have made for my children. The photos show you how the finished product actually looks without any touching up or special lighting so if it’s a little rough around the edges or imperfect in shape, that’s fine! That’s just how homemade lunches should look!

I try to provide healthy recipes that are easy to make and provide a nutritious lunch for your child. If any recipes contain a portion of fruit and veg for your child then I’ll include this information at the bottom of the recipe. Obviously how much fruit and veg a child needs will change as your child grows, but for the sake of argument I’ve based my portions on an amount that will fit into the palm of a child’s hand.

So please browse through my categories and try some of the recipes for yourself, then come back and tell me what you think – or more importantly, what your children think!


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